Review of Turkish Airlines Beirut (Downtown office)

Review of Turkish Airlines Beirut (Downtown office)
You hear many stories how people forget phones or ipads, etc., on the planes - and how all this stuff is found and returned. It's not the case with the Turkish Airlines. I realized that I forgot my bookreader in the seat about 30 minutes after I got off the plane. I found an airline representative. He condesended to talk to me - he even stopped playing some soft ball with his colleague. When I gave him flight and seat number, and described where I left the bookreader (in the pocked on the back of the seat - where there are usually magazines), h suggested to go to lost and found and write a claim... Do you think he suggested to send the bookreader to the connecting flight? No, of course not - because Turkish Airlines employees have an attituded very different from those of Delta or Lufthansa. When I explained that I have to board on the connecting flight (also Turkish Airlines - to Buenos Aires) in under 30 minutes, he said with "I couldn't care less" smile: "Well, then ... I'm sorry". It's so sad - because I realize how simply that bookreader could be retreaved if that Turkish Airlines representative caread just a little bit about customers.
I will never use Turkish Airlines services again. They just don't care.

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