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Beirut office dissappointed me :-(
Turkish airlines cancelled my return flight and asked me to contact them to re-schedule it.
I called Beirut office MANY times every day for 3 days in a row without any answer.
I sent to them a message from their homepage, but I they did not respond to my request either.
Instead I called to the main office on Turkey where I managed to re-scheduled my trip without any major problems.

So, I will give ZERO star to Beirut office. That is TOO BAD, it SUCKS. You have a LOOOONG way to learn how to treat your customers. Shame on you.

I will give 5 stars to the main office in Istanbul for the excellent service and for the polite way when talking to the customer (she even appologized for me because her company has canelled my trip, wich I appreciated it)

Recommendation: Do not call Beirut office, call Instanbul office even if you will pay more for the international call.
Excellent service
I had very good experience dealing with them today, very fast response to my email queries and excellent and professional service at their branch in Beirut.
Bullshit telephone lines (please dial the ext number)
Tried calling multiple times and no answer. Seems like I had the same experience as everyone else who reviewed above.
Ils ne répondent jamais au téléphone. Incroyable !!
No one ever answers that goddamn phone. Well it's their loss, I'll fly with another company then.
I don't know why nobody pick up the phone at TK Beirut office and that by pressing any digit of any service whether reservation or travel agency etc.

This happens all the time and not only today. It is really pity from such a reliable company.

This has been the worse service ever. We try to change our tickets and noone can help us in reservations. They direct us to the sales office in Los Angeles and they don't return our calls after numerous messages. We call the office in Beirut and their recording says they are always closed. We call the number at Beirut airport and they never answer. This has been such a big disappointment and we cannot understand how they received such a great rating in 2014. Very disappointing and we will most likely never travel with them again.
You hear many stories how people forget phones or ipads, etc., on the planes - and how all this stuff is found and returned. It's not the case with the Turkish Airlines. I realized that I forgot my bookreader in the seat about 30 minutes after I got off the plane. I found an airline representative. He condesended to talk to me - he even stopped playing some soft ball with his colleague. When I gave him flight and seat number, and described where I left the bookreader (in the pocked on the back of the seat - where there are usually magazines), h suggested to go to lost and found and write a claim... Do you think he suggested to send the bookreader to the connecting flight? No, of course not - because Turkish Airlines employees have an attituded very different from those of Delta or Lufthansa. When I explained that I have to board on the connecting flight (also Turkish Airlines - to Buenos Aires) in under 30 minutes, he said with "I couldn't care less" smile: "Well, then ... I'm sorry". It's so sad - because I realize how simply that bookreader could be retreaved if that Turkish Airlines representative caread just a little bit about customers.
I will never use Turkish Airlines services again. They just don't care.