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Lotto Lebanon Timetable

Lottery GameDraw DaysDraw Time
LotoMonday, Thursday7:30PM
ZeedMonday, Thursday7:30PM
YawmiyehMonday through Friday7:30PM

About La Libanaise des Jeux sal (LLDJ)

La Libanaise des Jeux sal (LLDJ) was founded back in 2002 as the official and exclusive lottery company in Lebanon. Its establishment was done under the watch of the countrys Ministry of Finance (MOF). The founders were bringing in, over 30 years of experience in the lottery scene. Later on, in 2005, LLDJ entered the market space in Bahrain in partnership with a local firm. This is was the first lottery business away from the home country. It opened new orders in other places such as Ghana in 2007.

In a span of two years after expansion and entry into new markets, LLDJ became one of the few lottery companies conduction operations via SMS. It has established its operations in many other parts of Africa and beyond. At the present LLDJ has a total of 3550 points of sale across 6 nations.

LLDJs draw games include the all-star LOTO, its corresponding lottery game Zeed, and then the famous Yawmiyeh game. These are the main income-earning sources for the company representing LLDJs outstanding success in enhancing the lottery sector in Lebanon. Ideally, the LOTO game did not get full exploitation until 2002 when LLDJ was founded. Following the takeover by LLDJ, a full-fledged revamp operation of the lottery game was launched and that included enhancement on the visual identity as a representation of the iconic smiley face, the LOTO grid halving to incorporate a wider audience and sale network point expansion of the company to include 1500 stores around the country.

Further developments by LLDJ included renovations on the infrastructure by way of adopting a state-of-the-art hi-tech system and introducing another draw making them 2 for every week both for Zeed and LOTO and 5 draws per Week for the Yawmiyeh.

Today, LLDJ is still innovating its operations that have led to the addition of an online gaming platform that makes it possible for gamers to play via their website. There is also a mobile app where users can use the LOTO SMS 1020 gaming service. Again, candidates can get draw results via SMS via the 1033 service.

LLDJ Lottery Products and Growth

Back at home, the companys product portfolio of LLDJ includes the famous LOTO games known as Yawmiyeh, a number of scratch games and the electronic mobile recharge vouchers supply via its POS terminals. Through these products, the company plays a very significant role in the economy Lebanon contributing to the tune of over $40 million dollars per year of the total government budget. The company returns almost 45% of its revenues to those who make investments of their winnings. This has helped a lot in increasing consumption and in promoting a healthy economic cycle.

The primary objective of LLDJ is to sell scratch cards and its lottery games across a nationwide POS network that has continued to grow over the last ten years. Within this period, the growth has shifted to 1500 locations from 150. Over and above that, the company makes a large contribution to the endorsement of many other local businesses that make revenue from their lottery operations up to the tune of over $5 million US Dollars per year without the non-direct benefits.

LLDJs Contribution to the Community

LLDJ prides itself as one of the most socially active firms in the country, financing diverse humanitarian. Social, recreational and ecological projects throughout the year. Through its activities, the company has put smiles on many people in society. Over and above that, it employs 100 professionals providing services in an ethical and objective manner.

Through different team members in the company, LLDJ continues to innovate, coming up with more fun games meeting the ever-rising demand in the market. As a result, the company is now the benchmark for operations in the lottery business internationally. This is so because of the long-proven track record of success and customer satisfaction coupled with $547 million distribution to over 31 million winners in a period of 15 years.

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