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Disappointed with the customer service
I purchased a wood stove after hearing great reviews and as soon as the shop called me to come and get the wood stove I discovered in the shop that the plug for the fan for the wooden stove was bent; I reported it to the employee but she mentioned that it was “normal” as this was something that happened to her and she just bent it back and it worked just fine. I believed her, which wasn’t smart from my end, and as soon as I tried it at home I was disappointed to find that the plug did not work and I had to get in professional to fix it for me. I was expecting to get a better service especially after I’ve paid a good amount of money for the stove. I honestly believe they’re priority is just to sell. If you ever purchase anything please do your research and don’t settle for what a salesperson tells you. I also attached some images of the cable

Dear Mrs. Boutine,

We are really sorry for this inconvenience. Kindly send us your number to contact you.
Hello Joanne,

Sure I will provide you with my number; 70-********. This is also to inform you that i’m now disappointed even further with the stove as I used it for the first time and the glass of the stove suddenly broke. We tried to contact the salesperson again who said that you usually can’t do anything about it. I’m just really shocked that this glass wasn’t able to sustain the heat as its supposedly a great and tested product. I am at a loss of words because of how disappointed I am of the product and of the service.
Excellent products with a professional team.
Wide variety of products with high quality. Excellent well trained team of professionals.
Dear Mrs. Merheb, thank you for your kind review.
An excellent sales team with very professional installers.
I would recommend this company to everyone.
Dear Ms. Cynthia, Thank you for your kind review.
Good prices
Good prices with the best service.
Dear Mr. Joe, thank you for your kind review.