Review of Ecole Nationale Grecque Orthodoxe des Jeunes Filles

Review of Ecole Nationale Grecque Orthodoxe des Jeunes Filles
I am a father whose two children have studied at the Ecole Nationale Grecque Orthodoxe des Jeunes Filles (ENGO) in Tripoli, Lebanon. I would like to STRONGLY recommend this school to all Tripoli residents as well as the residents of the nearby suburbs such as El-Koura and Zawiyeh. This school, in my HUMBLE opinion is the BEST school in North Lebanon, thanks to the leadership of Mrs. Victoria Maliha Ramadi. Mrs. Maliha-Ramadi is one of the best principals any school has ever known. Her life-long dedication and perpetual committment to the best education and the well-being of her students is second to none. Her unparallelled thriving for success and exemplary academic model has put ENGO in the forefront of most of the schools in this country. Her teachers and staff are personally hand-picked by her to ensure that the school delivers the future leaders of Lebanon. The City of Tripoli as well as the whole country is proud that principals such as Mrs. Victoria Maliha-Ramadi are still in existence today. It all starts here, at the school. A stong academic background and a well-rounded curriculum are recipes for building the future generation on solid ground, with much needed civic responsibilities, that Tripoli and all of Lebanon are in dire need for.
The ENGO school principal, Mrs. Victoria Maliha-Ramadi, is doing just that.
Mrs. Maliha-Ramadi, on behalf of my successful children, and all others in this dear City of Tripoli, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

A thankful parent!

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