Review Young gang managing the saloon

Review of Cherry Beauty Lounge Achrafieh
Young gang managing the saloon
As a visitor in Lebanon residing next to Cherry saloon "Ashrafieh", I decided to take a chance and explore the services they provide. The employees were all young females doing nails in the ground floor and males doing hair in the first floor. As for the nails, the young female claimed that they sterilize their equipment between customers when I asked, even though I have not seen her taking the instruments from an autoclave sealed bag. The other female sitting right next to her taking care of another customer was laughing at her answer. I finished my nails and deep down I knew that I will not come back for nail care again due to cleanliness reasons. As I was paying at the counter, another young female who is managing customer's bookings gave a brushing coupon as I was leaving. The next day, I called to book a brushing appointment and try their hair service. I decided to cut and brush since my hair was longer than usual. When I spoke to the young male on the first floor and he looked at my hair, he started telling me that it would be better to straighten the roots in order to have a manageable hair cut. I have done a permanent straightening back in May, which was not long time for the roots to grow. He started explaining the effectiveness of the product they use and how safe it is. He claimed that it does not need pressing hard at the roots to be straightened as it denatures the curl chemically, which was appealing to me since I have been straightening my hair for over 20 years and pressing the roots was always a bothering problem. He claimed that my hair could be washed the same day after he blow dried it and straightened it and it is guaranteed or your money back. He also claimed that I must to buy the hair shampoo, musk, and leave in conditioner since they maintain the effect of the nanokeratine straightener. I have not planned for all that and was not carrying 300 usd. I gave them one hundred and the guy came with me to the hotel next door and waited until I got 200 usd to give him at the reception area. I waited three days to wash my hair and observed the results were not the way he has promised. The hair was still wavy, and at the bottom of the hair from the back it was still curly at the roots. I realized that I have not paid 300 to get a 50% result and called to book an appointment for him to check the results even though he told me that I can come the next day to wash and blow dry "before getting paid". When I went to the saloon, he claimed that he is busy and he will let a new trainee straighten my hair without chemicals since I have washed it with the products I bought from them. The trainee straightened my hair on Saturday and the guy who did the treatment asked me to come on Monday and he will prepare the chemicals and would repeat it if necessary. I asked if it is safe to repeat the treatment that soon and he claimed there would be no problem on Monday, but on Saturday it would. It did not make any sense to me as he was trying to be nice to me unprofessionally and when I stopped him he admitted that he was busy that day. I left on that day and called back on Monday to make sure he is available. He claimed that he is busy and has a customer that might take 3 to 4 hours. I told him that I expected that he has booked me for that day and would not have me sit there 3 to 4 hours. He said you can come in an hour as I asked, but there is no guarantee for the waiting time. Now that he got paid, the service was not the same service they offered before the treatment. He was pushing my appointment and making any other customer a priority. Even though he pushed my appointment to Monday, he was running away from confronting the results of his work. I decided not to visit the saloon for more bluffing and would like my money back. I asked them for management phone number to complain, but they were still trying to book an appointment at their convenience to keep the customer service show running. I contacted the saloon through facebook messenger twice asking for the management contacts, but there is no response until today "3 days" even though the messenger says that they will respond usually in an hour. A perfect example of customer abuse by a gang of young adults directed by a careless and irresponsible management. I have paid upfront for the service that I am not satisfied with, but they have not even bothered to call me even once for an apology even if they did not want to return the money back. I will leave my story for you to judge and decide whether you want to work with such a group.

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