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My lost hand bag
On the 14th of january 2018 i was traveling from beirut to barcelona via istambul sabiha airport. Booking# 4ZRYPN.On the plane from beirut to sabiha they took my hand bag to send it by cargo because no more spaces on the plane. I told the hostess it's full of ptrecious gifts she said no worries it wont be lost. I arrived to barcelona and my hand bag was missing. I did a claim and contacted the office in barcelona they told me to call the office in beirut after few days. So i called the office when i came back to beirut and till now there's no answer about my lost hand back with almost 2500$ full of gifts.i tried to call the customer service in Istanbul but always no one answers. After 1 month now im really dissappointed with your services and my non caring case. Im a loyal customer to Pegasus. Im really so angry. The last result today was forget about your hand bag and we cannot do anything!! What shall i do!!!! I need an immediate answer from U. Or i will spread my case. I sent a copy of my claim to a person in beirut named Marwan Dawi who keeps on saying no news!!! After 1 month u think u will find my hand bag!!!! I doubt!!! Its your mistake and i need to be refunded.shame on u

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