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The next big thing !
Where shall I start? I have been using Toters delivery app for the past seven months and these guys know what they are doing! They deliver from my favorite places and, what's more, from restaurants that usually do not deliver. Deliveries are on time and, in fact, most of my orders have been arriving earlier than expected. Customer service is always up-to-date with comments and feedback you are able to leave. If there is anything wrong with the order, they have been sending me an email or call me straightaway. In addition, the delivery guys are super friendly and respectful! Toters keeps adding restaurant choices that I cannot resist to order from every day! Mario E Mario, Tsunami, Oslo , Cocoa & co and they even deliver from a really good flower place! Also, I heard a grocery store is coming soon on the app too! I appreciate local talent and I enjoy young ambition and initiative ! Keep it up guys! Big Fan !
Thank you so much Tom! Your feedback is very valuable to us. We're so happy to have a cool fan like you :)
Lol, i dont know where to start. If you search for all the dumbest people on earth you you will find then in toters, we have been trying to call this company since 3 month so we can work together as we do have restaurants in beiruts. And no one tried to call back or visit us for 3 month, we called them weekly so at least tell us what to and what do we need to be on the app, and we get the same answer tomorrow someone will call you... fucking 3 month lol and full of lies. Shitty company and sure woth shitty service later on

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