Review of Eastwood International School

Review of Eastwood International School
Eastwood International School has given my children the chance to LOVE learning. I have 3 children in grades 1, 3 and 6. Each of them is extremely engaged in fun and deep explorations which challenge their thinking and make them innovators.

My 6th grader just built a suspension bridge from wooden sticks and demonstrated how it holds weight and retains its structure. My 1st grader just created her own original story and has learned the elements of what makes a short story interesting. My 3rd grader just made an amazing landscape painting, using oil paint. She may participate in a national competition to showcase her visual arts talents which Eastwood has instilled in her.

Eastwood is always looking to bring the newest programs to our children. They always involve us parents and want to hear what we think. My children have just started to learn how to do Coding. Soon they will be creating Apps for the App store! I love this school and the PYP International Baccalaureate system is an AMAZING program, but Eastwood does a wonderful job of implementing the program. I highly recommend this school for parents who want their children to be prepared for the 21st Century and still LOVE to learn.

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