Review of Pineland

Review of Pineland
We were 130 persons we reserved 2 weeks earlier for a full journey in pineland. So a Miss named "Layal" emailed us with the offer including the activities: ping-pong, billiard, 30 minutes of hiking, plus the pool access... And the food menu, we picked barbecue formula. When everything was done she asked us to pay a part of the bill to confirm the reservation. So we did we payed 3 000 000LL. And after launching the programs to the colleagues
1- She removed the pool access frm the activity list proclaiming that it is saturday and the hotel is fully reserved ( even though the pool was empty during our visit)
2- they charged us 2$ for each welcome coffee at our arrival.
3- we had the opportunity to get to the pool for ******** LL for kids and 30 000 for adults
4-for kids meal we had to pay 4$ to get fries with the platter. 4$ for 10 pieces of frensh fries.
5- And to get to the best, on lunch time, we had ouze ( rice with meat ) instead of barbecue so when we asked about miss Layal she was not there we had to contact her to adjust the issue so she gaves us for every 18 persons a platter of barbecue that is made for 4 persons shame on that.
So the place is good in the heart of the nature but the managing was unprofessional and need lot to work on transparency with their customers.

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