Lifestyle plan

This service provides diet and physical activity plan to all patients wanting to be healthier. We provide up-to-date evidence-based advice and support on nutrition and diet to improve the wellbeing of adults and children.
Every person has a different way of living and the aim is to customize a healthy balanced lifestyle plan depending on the need and preferences of every person. This lifestyle will keep people fit, energetic and at reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases.
The first session lasts around an hour and is necessary to record all personal information, health information, perform a body composition analysis, assess a person’s diet, lifestyle, and relationship to food. Then, educate patients accordingly on a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity plan based on their lives.
We provide personalized lifestyle plans for all kind of patients: overweight, underweight, athlete, fit people, people with a history of cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, hypertensive, people with high cholesterol levels, unhealthy people that only want to get healthier, or any patient with a health problem that needs nutrition advice. Our aim is a steady and progressive weight loss that can be sustained rather than crash dieting which is bad for your health and which will then lead to a rapid weight gain. The ultimate goal is to never need another diet.

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