Municipality Management System

Currently, the complicated, traditional and extremely centralized processes adopted in the administrative work exhaust citizens and cause a delay and dissatisfaction in the in the obtained services.

The system aims increase the efficiency of the municipality by providing the right tools to modernize work instruments raising the control level, facilitating the delivery and completion citizen procedures by automating some of its stages when necessary.

By reducing the information and supporting documents required of a citizen to fill out, the system will assist the municipality in providing the citizens with the required services without any delays and with the desired quality reinforcing the role of the municipality in receiving and completing procedures while assuring accountability and transparency.

Key Performance Indicators provide accurate statistics on the completed procedures and those that have not yet been completed along with the reasons for non-completion.

Not only the system will play a big role in minimizing the distance between the citizens and the municipality but will provide the municipality with all the modules required to keep track of the budget and financial status.

Developed as a web application the system can be configured to be deployed on premise or on a server for external access. Thus, privileged users can access the system remotely and keep track of their work.

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