Wooden backgammon Backgammon board

Price: 106$
Huge Ukrainian handmade BACKGAMMON - table game.

We can personalize this item!
Engraved decorate and make this thing a great gift!
(It can be initials or a word, name or congratulation speech).

It is a handmade piece of art
Handcrafting this beautiful board demanded many hours of work: cutting the woods, carving to create the complicated patterns, then putting all these small details together in harmony to create after a long & patient work this piece of art for you.

This SUPER high quality backgammon board made of natural wood with bronze dot.
You will be amazed by the quality and size of this backgammon. It's really very hard to find nowadays something like this work.

I am sure that you will fall in love with this backgammon and playing it will bring you a lot of excitement.
This board has Huge size 30 * 32 cm. or 11.8 * 12.6 inches (when open).

You can consider it as an art piece item. It's very elegant and rare item that you will never found it any place. The surface design of the board is prestigious and very difficult to made. This board includes full required playing pieces, set of woody backgammon pieces and two dices. It's Great Gift.

It's a collectible board for a backgammon lover's. Item is Brand New.
You will get the same item, witch you see on the pictures.

Length - 11.8 inch (when open)
Width - 12.6 inch(when open)

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