Maintenance Management

We provide maintenance management services designed to increase the life of the assets through regular and systematic inspection and maintenance of all equipment.

Our property manager will be the focus point of all subcontractors' activities in the project. Thus, the property manager will:

1. Lead all project related activities.
2. Verify all preventive & corrective maintenance works.
3. Ensure smooth relation with the building committee and proper implementation of Subcontractors agreements.
4. Plan and put the work vision in close coordination with the Committee.

We will be responsible for all subcontractors' work, therefore the client will only have ONE channel to place requests regarding all field of maintenance services and management.

Property Maintenance Services

- Maintenance of all Architectural, Civil and Decorative Works for interiors and exteriors.
- Water Treatment and Softener
- Swimming Pools
- Elevators
- Generators
- BTU meters
- CCTV Systems
- Boilers, Heating and pumps
- Videophones
- SMATV systems
- Fire Alarm Systems
- Fire distinguishers
- Landscaping
- Automatic doors & Barriers

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