Facility Management:

Our Facility Management service provides co-owners association building management services: varying from the administrative, financial and legal services to the supervision, internal regulations, general services, in addition procurement management for the common areas within the entire project.
1. Administrative Services:
- We manage the relationship with the required governmental authorities.
- We ensure the right handling of human resources management.

2. Accounting and Financial Services: we help you to establish a yearly provisional budget, minimize the unforeseen amounts, collect and follow up on the collection of co-owners' financial obligations. Moreover, we take care of:
a. Bank reconciliation
b. General accounting work: which includes sending special reports, detailed financial statements every six months, and any other required deliverables
c. Maintaining full books of accounts of all receipts and expenditures of the premises, and presenting a yearly statement to the owners at the end of the term
d. Preparing the payroll and NSSF for the building employees
e. Arranging the payments for suppliers and subcontractors

3. Legal Services:
- Handle the general assembly according to the law decree 88/83 in the presence of the company lawyer and in close coordination with the president and the committee members
- Legalizing the minutes of meeting related to the general assemblies
- Study the internal status of the property and protect the interest of the owners
- Assist in sending legal warnings to any co-owner who is not complying with the by-laws of the property or not settling the financial obligations

4. Procurement Services:
Get the best deals for the needed property common areas management based on our strong relationship established with a reliable service providers network.

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