Water Tank Cleaning

Solution Trading & Services will ensure that your water tanks remain in a germ-free and hygienic condition all year long. We use a six steps scientific process to root out serious water borne microbes to give you clean, germ free water. We serve domestic households, corporate offices and commercial complexes. Our cost effective solutions will make sure that people of all income groups can afford our solutions.
A sneak peak at what we can do for you:

 Mechanized De-watering for cleaning the exterior walls of water tanks
 Sludge, Mud & Sediment removal
 High Pressure Rotary Jet Technology to clean internal walls of the tanks
 Industrial Vacuum Cleaning to clean water tank base
 Anti-Bacterial spraying to Degrease, Disinfect the Tank from algae & germs accumulated
 Sterilization by UV -Radiation to kill the most stringent microbes

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