Graphic and Communication Design

“Design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The designer works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. The main tools are image and typography."

Neo Shamon offers all forms of graphic design, including logo treatment, web design, social media creativity and traditional printed elements. We provide strategic marketing solutions for businesses that are starting up, growing up or extending their reach.

Here's how we can help:
Art Direction
Branding (Corporate identity packages)
Package Design & Marketplace Positioning
Prepress and Production Consultancy
Trade Show Materials (Banners, promo materials, premiums)
Visual Presentations (Powerpoint, posters)
Creative Social Media Management

What makes a strong brand?
A brand is a visual representation of your service or product. The brand communicates on your behalf when you're not there to represent yourself, creating a bond of trust with the consumer. A strong brand is clear and concise.

What makes a strong logo?
A logo should be simple, memorable and timeless.
Logo design is worth more than a few bucks. Yes, there are many online services that will design for you on the cheap. But you get what you pay for and we don't think you save that much in the end. Working directly with a professional allows you to be fully involved in the creative process.

Mixed discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how media intermission such as printed, crafted, electronic media or presentations communicate with people. A communication design approach is not only concerned with developing the message aside from the aesthetics in media, but also with creating new media channels to ensure the message reaches the target audience; using graphic design and communication design interchangeably due to overlapping skills.

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