Log houses

Price: 650$/sqm
Our Log Homes
Wood is the only renewable building material, Wood is unique in that it is a 100% renewable building material. Using wood instead of non-renewable materials means that the environmental impact and carbon footprint is considerably reduced. Wood consists of water and carbon. When growing, wood binds about 800 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO₂) per one cubic meter of wood, changing it into carbohydrates and releasing oxygen into the air at the same time.

During the life cycle of a wooden building, carbon dioxide is permanently stored in the material. At the same time new pine tree generation grows binding carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Log house is a “carbon sink´ and a positive eco-statement in the battle against climate change. A well maintained log house may last for centuries, and at the end of its long life cycle, wood is still useful as a recyclable material.

Our log Homes are from the finest of its origin, manufactured abiding to the global standards and ensuring a healthy, durable and sustainable living for its owner.

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