Job vacancy Head Nurse- North Lebanon

B.S.O., Business Services Office
6th Floor, Freeway Center, Sin El Fil Blvd, Beirut
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13 December, 2020
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Head Nurse- North Lebanon

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Recruiting for a Non Profit Organization a Head Nurse to be responsible for the direction and organization of the nursing department & to ensure that the nursing and personal care of the residents is maintained on a daily basis according to their individual needs and capabilities.

General Duties and Responsibilities:
 Ensure consistency in the provision of care.
 Coordinate and monitor the provision of safe and effective nursing care.
 Assess resident’s needs, abilities and physical and mental conditions.
 Make rounds to check on residents and staff.
 Communicate and coordinate with the doctor to put in effect a comprehensive nursing care plan for each resident.
 Manage all the administrative duties of the nursing department.
 Plan and implement the nursing policies and procedures.
 Manage subordinates staff in their day-to-day performance of their jobs and monitor their work to make sure that the nursing care plan is implemented appropriately.
 Screen potential employees, look over resumes and conduct interviews.
 Conduct orientation programs for new nursing staff and conduct training programs for existing staff.
 Ensure there is adequate nursing staff, and that the staff’s skills remain current.
 Communicate the needs of the residents of the facility to the physicians.
 Promote and maintain good interpersonal relationships between residents and staff.
 Plan nursing staff duty roster and ensure there is an appropriate skill mix of staff on duty to provide the highest quality care to the residents.
 Answer inquiries and liaise with relatives of residents.
 Be responsible for the safe administration and recording of all medication prescribed by the resident’s physician.

  • Gender: Female
Valid Till
31 Jan, 2021

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