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15 November, 2020
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Head of Quality & Product Development

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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Food Technology, Masters is preferred, or any related scientific background.
  • 12+ years of proven experience in food quality and product development in an industrial setting.
  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements for operating plants.
  • Ability to lead root cause analysis investigations.
  • Good knowledge of scientific principles and techniques.
  • Good knowledge of the nature and type of food‑borne pathogens and other significant health hazards (e.g. extraneous materials, agricultural chemicals and food additives).
  • Knowledge of food safety and quality systems and methods used to control these health hazards including food‑borne pathogens. This knowledge is necessary in order to conduct assessments or audits of various manufacturing, thermal and non-thermal processes used in the production of safe food.
  • Knowledge of risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication principles and practices. This knowledge is required in the development of internal standards and implementation of laws and regulations; and providing expert advice in product or process specific information to production departments.
  • In-depth knowledge and good understanding of thermal processes such as heat penetration and distribution studies and their instrumentation (Data loggers, thermocouples, RTDs, etc.).
  • Knowledge of retorts, their general principles and functions, and their instrumentation.
  • Knowledge of computers and word processing documents to generate reports and communicates information electronically via emails.
  • Knowledge of foreign inspection practices and of international processed products standards (e.g. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, USDA and USFDA Codes of Federal Regulations, CFIA and EU Regs). This knowledge is essential to ensure compliance with the importing country’s regulations to avoid delays in accepting product and minimize the risk of rejecting products.
  • Good knowledge of new products development, food stability, and industrial feasibility with available resources and/or some modifications.
  • Proficient with MS Office application.
  • Ability to lead a quality team and take fast and appropriate decisions.
  • Aptitude for food safety and quality. troubleshooting.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Fluent in Arabic & English (Reading, Writing, speaking). French is a plus.


  • Ensures the company is certified against an internationally recognized FSMS.
  • Develops food safety policy.
  • Sets food safety objectives.
  • Develops and maintains FSMS planning.
  • Ensures effective internal and external communication about safety issues.
  • Holds FST and MR meetings to evaluate performance of the system.
  • Provides adequate resources for the effective operation of the FSMS including appropriately trained and qualified personnel, sufficient infrastructure and appropriate work environment.
  • Develops and maintains standards relating to inspection and control activities that adhere to internationally accepted standards.
  • Develops and maintains performance measuring system against standards and reports when necessary on changes in the standards.
  • Advises senior management of safety and quality issues & regulations.
  • Sets up quality control guidelines, inspection and testing procedures for production for incoming raw materials, as well as for in-process and finished products.
  • Establishes / approves documents and forms before their issue.
  • Responds to consumer enquiries and complaints regarding product safety and quality.
  • Handles non-conforming and potentially unsafe products.
  • Reviews and approves Corrective Action Requests (CAR) to correct non-conformities and verifies its effectiveness.
  • Issues new recipes and monitors the performance of the staff in implementing the trial
  • Issues product assembly (PA) for new recipes.
  • Provides guidance to the team on Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs).
  • Ensures compliance with national and international standards and legislation.
  • Reviews all lab test results on a daily basis.
  • Provides inspection activity of product throughout production cycle.
  • Assists in researching new equipment and methodologies for testing.
  • Monitors the Annual Training Program for staff and workers on hygienic manufacturing practices and other subjects.
  • Monitors the Annual Internal Audit Program.
  • Monitors the FSMS Review Program.
  • Develops and implements Statutory & Regulatory Authorities Requirements Review Program.
  • Reviews and renews labels technical information.
  • Assesses annually the performance of each employee of the QA department.
  • Hires the quality team staff.
  • Follows on international standards.
  • Ensures all products labels are conform to legal requirements.
  • Develops, labels, and ensure proper launch of new products.
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15 Jan, 2021

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