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Information Management Limited - IML sal
Bedran Building, Camille Chamoun Street, Sin El Fil, Beirut
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13 Nov, 2017
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This is a software programming job. We have received several applications from candidates in other interesting fields of work. However, we are only interested in the profile described below:

Design and write C# source code for computer software programs, assure its quality, test it and maintain it.

Work Places and Travel:

Work in offices.
May travel locally to meet clients at their workplace.
  • Irrespective of qualifications, or skills, applicant must pass Codility tests.
  • Programming experience: 2 to 7 years
  • Languages: C#, Javascript, HTML5
  • Discuss clients' requirements.
  • Work out design specifications.
  • Plan how programs will fit together.
  • Write technical documentation.
  • Write source code.
  • Document programs.
  • Perform unit testing.
  • Debug and trace source code.
  • Review source code quality and standards.
  • Review programming architecture.
  • Attempt technical reviews.
  • Daily build and smoke test.
  • Assist in implementing the system.
  • Help in finding system errors and correct them.
  • Assist the quality assurance team.
  • Maybe called upon to install operating systems and ready-made applications.
  • Maybe called upon to maintain operating systems and ready-made applications.
  • Keep track of time spent working on projects.
  • Challenging work
  • Learning environment
  • Specialised field of work
$1200 - $2500

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