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So, earlier 2019, i had ordered an item worth 100$ and paid 15$ for the delivery fees, upon arrival of my item in lebanon aramex had charged me an extra 28,000LBP approximately 19$, now on the 23rd of December 2019, i received another parcel of same amount of item worth 100$, aramex has now issued a payment receipt of 71,523LBP equivalent to 48$ as custom and handling charges and has also updated the cost of my purchased item as 200,000LBP as against 100$, this is so disheartening. How do i cope with this measures, this comany is scam for as long as i know and the goverment needs to intervene cause they actual reap people off their hard earned money, called the customer to verify why i have to pay such huge amount and was told its the custom. what sort is that, when the receipt received is drafted by ARAMEX DEKWENEH LEBANON. Its time for sanctions.
Worst service ever.not only this, they could Rob you so easily!inventing expenses that doesn't come to mind.and all shipments via aramex are held by customs!?what a coincidence! You pay for your shipping costs than again you pay same or even more to aramex or else you don't receive your shipment! It is blackmail.
Worst customer service, from central office: wrong communication of shipping schedule information to customer & very bad handling of payment, I was told the rate given to my company was not known to sales person so they simply could not apply that, when i asked about it i was told different branches dont give the same rates!
Scam if I can put 0 star I will go for it , verry bad costumer service cheap company
اود اعلامكم ان المعاملة سيئة في مكتبكم ،فرع زحلة، ولا يوجد التزام بسرية التعامل، حيث انه يمكن لشخص غير موظف في شركتكم البحث عن الغرض المرسل وتسليمه للمرسل اليه. ونرجو منكم اعادة تأهيل موظفيكم في الفرع المذكور لما صدر منهم من سوء في التعامل.
Aramex Lebanon is a shame. The worst ever customer service representatives, illegal practices, no proper communication with the customer. I had to report them to the Ministry of Economy and Trade hotline to attract their attention.
Procrastination and slow delivery. It took my item 3 days to arrive from Sin El Fil to Hazmieh
Aramex sends me an SMS in which it mentions "for assistance contact +********" but the ONLY assistance one gets when one calls this number is a recorded loop message advertising callers to ask about inbound service!! AND this recording goes on and on and on and...
What kind of assistance is this?!
No "please hold for an operator", no "please dial the extension", no nothing!
Hight quality service!
Reply by hussein salame
3 Jun, 2014
would you please call me back om ******** as i am unable to reach you