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To be brief.. akbar nessabin!! I had an old carbon fiber vinyl on the roof of the car which became old. I went there and he said he wants 200,000 LBP to fix it. Which included 50$ just for cleaning it. The work was shitty as hell. I went back and while talking to them, one of his employees slipped his tongue and informed me that the boss forced him to put the new vinyl on top of the old one without any cleaning. Ta ma yday3o wa2ton el chabeb. Bas my money wel extra that he took ana mle2ehon 3al tari2 lianno. Anyway akbar wosikh and be very careful what u buy from him. The guy is fony w byerkod wara el lira mouhem ye2bad wel be2e bazzi2 wlazzi2. Tfeh!!!!!