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I hope you'll work to improve the quality of service. Try to hire good people and train them costumer service not a bullshit. Train them first how to speak with costumer and train your sales associates to return the change money of costumer not cheats costumer and company. I used to go to Paul JBR but I went to Dubai mall with my wife and order 2 coffee latte with your barista (Mark). Suddenly your barista said us very bad words in his language (putaganamoe) mother fucker but we understand Tagalog because I have house maid Pilipino but we stay calm I think he is drunk and pay bill 40 drams with yours sales associate (Carolyn c) but she doesn’t punch bill just make eye contact with barista. We get coffee with out punch, we pick up coffee. I stay like 5 minutes near by her but we didn’t get bill and change but she said thank you and smiling at us. Acutely I want to complain on phone and ask mobile number of manager we ask to talk about manager but both of them tell us manager is left just a while and pretending like busy. It’s not about 2Drams but about service .I got this mail address from counter of Mall of emirates. I am going to complain at Paul France about this matter which is not acceptable at any cost. I am complain you first because its relate with in Dubai mall. Since that I stopped to go Paul. also i send this mail to operation manager of Paul.
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Good company!