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In the spring of 2005, the Lebanese people demonstrated their desire – and their ability – to transform a country. They mobilized for what they wanted, not what they were told to want. Were it not for the one million protestors who came out that day, we might still be under Syrian tutelage. However, since then, the momentum for sustained mass participation in public affairs has waned. The New Opinion Workshop (NOW) hopes to recapture the spirit of that unique day in 2005 and channel it towards positive change in Lebanon.

Though eager to take part in reshaping their country's future, most Lebanese are simply too busy to engage regularly in protests and sit-ins, and scouring the many newspapers one needs to read to obtain a clear picture of current affairs would be a full-time job on its own. NOW provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of key issues and news, making social and political participation a much more realistic option for many citizens.

NOW Lebanon is independent, non-sectarian, and includes members from all Lebanese political, ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups and persuasions. The single idea that is truly sacred in this forum is the pursuit of an independent, democratic, liberal and prosperous Lebanon, with equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens.

NOW Lebanon is funded entirely by the private sector and individual donations.
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